This is the Only Level (2009)

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One of the weirdest development cycles of all time, This is the Only Level was assembled from concept to completion in less than eight hours and published the same day.  It leveraged a tile engine and several other pieces I had previously built but was otherwise a really fast project.  I was working on a project that was taking too long and going nowhere, and decided to fold it and create a simple little platformer.  The game ended up becoming one of the most successful games I had ever created, drawing tens of millions of plays.  The original idea was going to be to iterate the game level so that new difficult stuff was added each time you played, but I realized it was just as fun just to manipulate tiny parts of the level and make it more like a puzzle game to figure out what had changed.  This game is one of the more fun games I've ever had the opportunity to work on.

Programming: John
Art: John
Music: Kevin MacLeod (
Produced by: Armor Games