Sandbox Hero (2013-2014)

Sandbox Hero is a heavily integrated game into Kongregate, you can play it here.

Sandbox Hero is the most ambitious project I ever worked on.  Featuring a backend server controlling data and asynchronous multiplayer, this game tracked every run, every level made, and every tile in real-time.  It was pretty freaking intensive.  I had to learn new programming languages just to program the servers.  I don't think I've learned more during a single project than this one.

Sandbox is a big level editor.  You can share your levels with friends and have them rate the level.  Fastest runs are recorded.  Equips get dropped out of chests you can open with cash you earn on the run.  The game is crazy.  And the players are super creative, the levels coming out of the game are incredible.

Programming: John
Art: Jimp
Music:  Unavailable for download
Produced by: Kongregate