Mr. Walters Grand Excursion (2008)

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Mr. Walters was an exercise in overreaching my ability as a programmer.  While I thought the overall theme and style was up to par with games at the time, there was not a lot of strong physics engines to complement the rope-swinging mechanic I wanted to execute.  I spent a majority of the time trying to get that right, and even then it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  Grappling physics is not an easy matter for a game designer just getting his legs in programming larger projects.

Nonetheless I learned a lot from this project, specifically use of camera and use of motion blurring to convey more speed than what's actually happening.  Dynamic, hand-drawn terrain allowed for more varied and interesting set pieces.  And finally, my first time making a world map in a game.  So while there were some failures there were some really great successes as well.

Programming: John
Art: John
Music:  Kevin Macleod (
Produced by: Armor Games