Luminara (2007)

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Luminara was the first shooter I ever made.  It was featured as a Daily Deviation on Deviant Art, and was heavily featured on many game websites upon release.  It was released at a time when games like Geometry Wars and Stardust were being released on next-gen consoles which introduced the visual effect of an overload of particles into top-down shooters.  This game, following my Ellipsis game, had a lot of the particle engine effects ready to go and I wanted to capture that effect in a Flash game.  Flash games at the time weren't producing heavy particle effects yet, so it stood out quite a bit among the other top-down shooters.  I was actually surprised how well the game did.  This was at a time when Tower Defense and zombie games were ramping up the charts and I didn't think simple geometric shapes could compete.

Programming: John
Art: John
Music: Heart of Rave by ZeRo-BaSs
Produced by: jmtb02 Studios