I get a lot of the same questions so maybe I can help you here.

What is the name of that song from that game and where can I download it?
I sadly do not have a giant list of music from my games. Several songs are licensed which means you won't be able to download them for free. I have used a lot of music from Incompetech, Mohd-Fikree, and ZeRo-BaSs, as well as many other Newgrounds.com artists.

Can I have a copy of your game for my website?
Maybe, shoot me a message.

Can I make speedrun / let's play / general videos of your games?
Of course you can. Please do. You don't need my permission.

Can you make a sequel of ___________? Does your current/previous employer own the rights to it?
Cool, glad we got to this part. Generally the rule is that any game that was made outside of my employment (Kongregate, Armor Games, etc) is my intellectual property. Sponsorships, which I did a lot of up to about 2007, I also retain the rights to. Anything that is my intellectual property I have the right to make sequels to, otherwise I would need to work with directly with that company to make a sequel.

Can I make a mobile version of ___________ for you? I'll profit share!
Probably not. I get these emails all the time, most of the time its for someone to try to cash in for easy money on an easy port. Please do not remake my games.

What are all those codes for that I find in some of your games?
Such a good mystery! Who knows...

Do you do your own art?
Yes and no. I do most of the design work, but I work with various artists (such as Jimp). Sometimes I do the art completely for a project but that is only about 50% of the time.

I'm an artist who wants to work on a game with you, can we?
Sure, send me a message.

I have a question about programming, help?
Cool, send me a message, lets figure it out.

Can you teach me how to program?
Probably not. But I do think you should learn how to program. Check out programming education sites like CodeAcademy or consider taking classes to learn how to program. Or at the very least, download an editor and experiment!

I have done a few internships for college-level students. Most have survived. If you're interested in having an internship for game development please contact me.

What programming languages do you use?
Currently I do all my work in Actionscript 3 (Flash) and multiplayer server code in C# and Java