Ellipsis (2006)

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Written in Actionscript 2, the focus of Ellipsis was to really push performance in Flash.  At this time computers were pushing 1.6 - 1.8 GhZ processors and I was pushing 300 particles in a vector environment, it was a careful line to walk.  The game did fairly well, but did a better job paving the way for many particle-based games that would follow this one in my portfolio.  There are a couple things to call out that I really liked about this game.  The next wave always propagated from the last enemy killed in the previous wave, I really like that strategy building.  I also really liked the click-based defense game mechanic.  It seems like it would work really well now on modern touch devices.  Erase

Programming: John
Art: John
Music: Demon by ZeRo-BaSs
Produced by: jmtb02 Studios