Ball Revamped Metaphysik (2005)

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If there was any game to point to as my breakthrough title this would be it.

Ball Revamped 2: Metaphysik exploded my career.  I made it in my college dorm room in Freshman year, expecting to release a game that was good but not popular by any means.  The game got picked up by Fark, BBC World News, and other major news organizations, destroying my bandwidth and forcing me to take it offline.

The game is based on the original game Ball Revamped, which I made in high school.  The game was released to and was awarded a daily feature, my first award I've ever had for my video games.

This game was also a gateway to one of my first sponsorships, Armor Games, where I would later become an employee for a half decade starting in 2007.

Programming: John
Art: John
Music: Various artists,
Produced by: jmtb02 Studios