Hey there!  My name is John.

Over ten years I have published 100+ games, culminating in plays in the hundreds of millions.  I've been responsible for all facets of development, including game design, artwork, programming, animation, UI/UX, and sound design.  Currently focusing on producing great games and creating rapid prototypes/concepts.  When I'm not making games I'm taking photos, and its become another creative outlet for when I'm not making games.


At an early age I enjoyed computer art and design, which turned into a pursuit to create digital art and computer games.  By high school I was publishing my first games to the Internet.  I started publishing games under my AOL Screenname, "jmtb02".

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Technocultural Studies from the University of California, Davis.  During my time at Davis I focused on honing my game development and finding a voice for my work.  I formed my own company, JMTB02 Studios, which paid for college and accelerated my growth in games.  My major client was Armor Games, a small game company seeking creative content for their site.  I joined that company as employee #1 when the office opened in 2007. 

I moved to Orange County California and helped accelerate Armor Games to become one of the top gaming sites on the web.  We published many of the top games ever during my tenure. 

In 2009 I married my girlfriend of six years, Carlie, and merged our two cats, Muffin and Bagel, together under one roof.

I found a passion for cycling, running, and surf in Orange County.  I rode my first century (100 mile) ride in 2011 and ran my first marathon in 2012.  I learned to surf and found myself at the beach at all hours, driving as fast as Southern California traffic allowed to get to the coast.  I became a rock climber as well. I got deeper into tabletop gaming, honing my game development through self-developed modules of Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

When not working on games I found I was falling into photography, finding passion for capturing Calfornia and documenting my travel.  I was making road trips to the desert to capture the bloom of wild yucca and the untamed landscape.  I started publishing my work in 2012.

In late 2012 I switched gears, moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area to join game company Kongregate.  I knew Kongregate for years, appreciating their support for all walks of game development   I joined up with Kongregate, a great, supportive place for game developers and their players.  I’m working on both mobile and web sides of the business, focusing on helping indies and small teams get their games off the ground.  I continue to make prototype content and releasing it to the public.

In 2014 I rode my bike from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco, California, about 800 miles.  It seemed like a good idea.  I think it was.

In 2015 I established the Kongregrate Launchpad program, an incubator for game developers at Kongregate.


Awards and Honors

Game Developer of the Year

Game of the Month x14
2008 - Present

Environmental Award
Media That Matters Film Festival

E4 Games

250 Indie Games You Must Play
Mike Rose, Paperback

Grand Prize Winner
Stride Game Contest

Finalist, Best Platformer

Best of Genre x4
Jay Is Games
2010 - Present

Feature Article
Little Games are Big Business – OC Weekly

2009, 2011, 2013